At Bellevue Vision Clinic, we provide a thorough contact lens evaluation each year during routine eye exams for patients

who wear contacts.  Often contact lens comfort can be improved by updating to one of the latest contact lens materials.

We use the contact lens evaluation to check your contacts and discuss any new options and improvements.  

Contact Lens Services

Perfect Fit, Comfort, and Clarity

Please note:  Due to servicing changes recently made by our online vendor, we can no longer send a claim to insurance on your behalf when ordering your contacts online. You will now be asked to pay at time of order and then self-submit a claim to your insurance for reimbursement.  We apologize for the inconvenience-  We are working with the vendor to try and bring this service back.

We specialize and offer a variety of contact lenses that provide the best fit, comfort, and overall health for our patients' eyes:

Soft Contact Lenses-  We fit soft disposable contact lenses ranging from color lenses, daily wear, 2 week, or monthly.  Often, contact lens comfort can be improved simply by updating to the latest contact lens materials available.  We strive to always provide lenses and lens education based on the cutting edge materials and lens technology!

RGP Contact Lenses-  Rigid Gas Permeable  (RGP) contact lenses are rigid lenses made of durable plastic that transmits oxygen. These lenses also are called GP lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses, RGP lenses and oxygen permeable lenses.  

Because gas permeable contact lenses allow oxygen to pass through them, the edges of GP lenses can be fitted closer to the surface of the eye. These design changes make modern rigid GP lenses more comfortable and keep the lenses more securely on the eye than old-fashioned hard contacts. RGP lenses also provide better vision, durability, and deposit resistance than most soft contacts.  

"Hard to Fit" Contact Lenses-  Some eye conditions make wearing contacts a difficult option.  However, it doesn't always mean you have to rule out wearing contact lenses.

The eye care providers at Bellevue Vision Clinic specialize in hard to fit contact lens issues.  We can evaluate and discuss options for specialty contacts to address specific vision problems.  Learn more about specialty contacts lenses below.

Specialty Contact Lenses-  We offer an array of specialty contacts -- ranging from monovision lenses, hybrid, medically necessary and Scleral lenses for Kerataconus, multifocal lenses, to those that can correct astigmatism.  Specialty contact lenses make it more appealing than ever before for anyone with vision problems!  Scleral lenses have significantly improved our success in managing patients with corneal irregularity and ocular surface diseases. 

The eye care providers at Bellevue Vision Clinic specialize in hard to fit contact lens issues.  Schedule an appointment to discuss and learn more about our specialty contact lens options. 


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