Routine Vision Exams

 vs. Medical Eye Exams

Which Do You Need?

Routine/Wellness Vision Exams

A Routine/Wellness Vision Exam includes a screening for eye disease and an eye refraction. Eye refraction is the measurement of a glasses prescription and the determination of the appropriateness of glasses or contact lens wear for you.  Our Routine/Wellness Vision Exams are provided for both adult and pediatric patients.

If you wish to receive a glasses or contact lens prescription at your visit, you should notify the appointment scheduler that you would like to book a routine vision exam. We will expect to bill your vision insurance for this exam.

Some patients may have specific vision insurance to cover all or a part of this type of visit that is different from their medical insurance. If at a wellness vision exam, the doctor suspects an eye disease is present, it is likely that another appointment would need to be scheduled for you to return for additional tests and a medical eye exam.

We provide Comprehensive Eye Exams for Adults and Children. We thoroughly check for potential or existing eye disorders or diseases.
Your visual system is carefully evaluated and appropriate treatment prescribed, whether it’s glasses, contacts, or ocular medication.  
We offer the following types of Eye Examinations based on your individual needs:

Medical Vision Exams and Medical Office Visits

Medical Eye Exams and Medical Office Visits are for medically-related eye issues and typically covered by medical insurance. Should the doctor diagnose an eye-related disease or condition during your Routine Well-Eye Exam, then it would be possible to bill your medical insurance instead of vision insurance (subject to deductible, copay, etc. for your medical insurance plan).  If a refraction is also performed during a medical visit, it is typically not covered under medical insurance; however, we provide a "time of service" discount if you pay for the refraction that day.

Additionally, it is likely that another medical office appointment would then need to be scheduled for you to return for additional diagnostic medical testing, follow-up management, and treatment for your diagnosed eye related medical condition or disease. 

Medical Eye Exams and Medical Office Visits are provided for both adult and pediatric patients.  When necessary, we coordinate care and refer for surgical, neurological, and other specialties outside of our scope of practice.

Medical Insurance covers eye-related medical conditions and diseases, such as:​

Corneal Disease
Headache/Eye Pain
Diabetic Complications
Dry Eyes
Eye Infections
Retinal Holes & Tears
Macular Degeneration
Optic Nerve Disorders
Hypertensive Eye Issues

Pediatric Vision Exams 

A child's first eye exam should be performed between the age of 6-12 months, as recommended by the American Optometry Association.  This comprehensive exam is different than the screening tests offered by many pediatricians or schools because we are able to assess the eye health and visual function with our specialized methods and tools. Later exams are recommended at ages 3 & 6 to ensure the visual system is developing appropriately for academic success in school.

Regular eye exams help in the early detection of underlying vision problems, which also

creates opportunities for their prompt management. We will be able to prevent issues from advancing into more complex conditions, giving us a better chance of preserving your children’s eyesight. This way, they can play and study with excellent vision, maintaining their quality of life.

In the digital age, computers and other technology may already be part of your child’s curriculum and daily life.  The increased exposure to blue light emitted by these gadgets, puts children at a higher risk of developing ocular changes.


At BVC, Dr. Olsen is specialized in pediatric and binocular vision and would love to help ensure your child's eyes are healthy and developing properly!  Schedule an appointment 

An Eye on the Future

Not Sure What Your Insurance Covers? 

Our office is very knowledgeable about certain insurance plans we can or cannot bill. However, there are hundreds of insurance companies and plans. If you have both vision and medical insurance, they are frequently through 2 separate insurance companies.  Your ID card may provide that information. 

As an additional courtesy provided to our patients, we would be happy to contact your insurance on your behalf to verify coverage and an estimate of eligible benefits.  Give our office a call (425)747-2020 or email and provide us with the necessary information from your current insurance ID card. We're happy to assist in verifying insurance coverage and providing the eye care you deserve! 

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Vision and Medical Insurance Billing

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