Insurance Accepted

Plans We Can & Cannot Bill

We Can Bill the Following Insurance and Plans: 
  • AARP Medicare Complete HMO Plans (with PCP Referral)

  • Aetna (Medical and Non-VSP Vision Plans)

  • Cigna (Medical and Non-VSP Vision Plans)

  • EBMS

  • First Choice

  • Healthcare Management- HMA

  • Kaiser Group Health- Options (cannot bill HMO plans)

  • Lifewise of WA (Medical & Non-VSP, Non-EyeMed Plans)

  • Medicare (we cannot accept or bill Medicaid Secondary)

  • Premera Blue Cross (Medical & Non-VSP, Non-EyeMed Vision)

  • Premera Blue Cross- Microsoft

  • Regence Group Administrators

  • Regence Med Advantage

  • Regence Blue Shield (Medical & Vision (cannot bill VSP, Davis or EyeMed plans)

  • Regence Blue Exchange (Medical & Vision (cannot bill VSP, Davis or EyeMed plans)

  • Secure Horizons

  • Tricare/TriWest Military

  • Trusteed Plans

  • United Healthcare (cannot bill WA Apple, UHC Vision & Community Health Plans)

  • Zenith Administrators

As a courtesy, we would be happy to obtain an estimate of your insurance coverage before your appointment

You can reach us during office hours at (425) 747-2020 or email us: 

For the most up-to-date information on accepted vision and medical  insurance plans, contact our office at (425)747.2020 Ext. 1

We Cannot Bill the Following Insurance and Plans: 
  • Apple Health of Washington- Medicaid program

  • Blue Vision/VSP & Davis-

  • Cigna Vision/Vision Service Plans

  • Community Health Plans of WA- Medicaid program

  • Davis/Superior Vision Plans

  • EyeMed Vision Plans 

  • Kaiser/Group Health HMO plans only

  • Medicaid (Primary & Secondary Insurance- for All States)

  • MetLife Vision (Out of Network)

  • Premera Med Advantage (out of network for HMO-POS, can't bill HMO only plans)

  • Spectera Vision Plans

  • VSP/Vision Service Plans- we have opted out-of-network & cannot bill except:*

* VSP Billing Exception with Secondary Insurance: If VSP is Primary insurance and there is a Secondary Vision insurance we bill and accept (such as Premera Microsoft) we can then submit VSP primary claims to VSP on your behalf for exams and hardware benefits and then bill your secondary insurance afterward.  

We provide a 25% Time of Service Discount for Vision Exams if paid on day of service and we are not billing insurance

Patients with VSP only insurance:  Although we cannot bill VSP directly due to our voluntary opt out-of-network, we still see many VSP patients each week at our vision clinic.  Our patients with VSP receive our 25% time of service/private pay discount and pay the discounted exam fee on the date of service. We then provide a receipt and the VSP reimbursement form for patients to complete and submit directly to VSP for reimbursement. 

We are happy to assist our VSP patients if they need help completing the short reimbursement form. Additionally, after you complete and sign your reimbursement form and attach the receipt, we can either mail it to VSP on your behalf, or provide you with a postage paid envelope to mail it on your own at your convenience.

Vision Insurance vs.

Medical Insurance

What's the Difference?

Not Sure What Your Insurance Covers?  Let Us Help

Our office is very knowledgeable about certain insurance plans we can or cannot bill.  However, there are hundreds of insurance companies and various plans.  If you have both vision and medical insurance, they are frequently through two separate insurance companies.  Your ID card may provide that information. 


As an additional courtesy provided to all of our patients, we would be happy to contact your insurance on your behalf to verify coverage and receive an estimate of eligible benefits.  Just give our office a call (425)747-2020 or email us at and provide us with the necessary information from your current insurance ID card. We are happy to assist you in verifying insurance coverage and obtaining access to the eye care you deserve! 


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