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Take the Next Step to Improving Your Athletic Performance

“We spend a lot of time working on our bodies. It’s equally important to have your mind operating on a high level.” Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons Quarterback.  

Credit: CogniSens  NY Times "Keep Your Eye on the Ball" (J/417))

Bellevue Vision Clinic Utilizes Only the Very Best Sport Vision Programs

To learn more, watch this short video clip. 

Winning requires superior mental performance. Science shows it is cognitive abilities that give elite athletes their critical performance advantage. The power to perform under pressure, remain aware, in control, and to rapidly process everything that’s going on, are the skills needed to consistently perform at peak level.

The common misconception about Sports Vision Training is that it is similar to glasses or contact lenses. Unlike glasses which fix a problem with the performance of your eyes, vision training is for people who may have perfect vision but want to improve their brain's ability to process what they see instantly.

Sports Vision programs, like NeuroTracker, have scientifically demonstrated advantages for professional athletes and military personnel seeking to raise their level of situational awareness and heighten their decision-making abilities.

Using simple techniques and exercises, the visual sensory neurons are activated causing connections to occur.  Like regular muscles, the more you use the muscle the better and faster it will perform.


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